Turn any whey protein powder into ice cream like frozen dessert with FREEZINda 2280

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  • FREEZINda™ is usually a treat combine that can turn any whey protein concentrate natural powder into.
  • We pay out profits by way of Paypal for the previous time of every four weeks. You.
  • Just how much could you make? You can.


FREEZINda™ is really a treat combine that could flip any whey protein natural powder into yummy frozen treats like iced treat. Reveal the adore with other individuals and initiate getting a payment right now!

When you are an active affiliate marketing, please sign in about the proper. If you want to sign up with our affiliate program, remember to join now. We shell out for the previous time of each and every calendar month by way of Paypal, so sign-up together with your Paypal e-mail address!

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Start off generating a 33.7% payment for every single selling. That's above $5 for every single known sale (5 package of FREEZINda™ MSRP $14.95)! To start, just click "Homepage" in the left aspect, duplicate your recommendation hyperlink, and get started discussing it. About the still left navigation board, additionally you can click "Ads" for social network, email, and banner articles for quick sharing which will quickly include your reference url.

We shell out commission fees via Paypal on the last day time of every four weeks. You should be aware that every introduced revenue will have a thirty day handling period, to ensure that orders happen to be accomplished and not came back.

FREEZINda™ also offers a level 2 reference program. In case you send other individuals to register as being a FREEZINda™ affiliate marketer, you'll earn 5Percent commission payment on all the sales they produce far too. We fixed this up as you may well know someone would you be better at mentioning therefore we desired to prize you for sharing our system with these. Select "Ask Other individuals" in the kept area to start recommending your mates in becoming an affiliate way too!

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Introducing your recommendation software dash panel. Here you'll locate everything required to help you start referring FREEZINda™ to other people and get started generating commission. We've created a exceptional reference url only for you. Make certain once you advocate us to others, you provide them your referrer website link, it'll let us know you suggested those to us so that we can pay you!

The amount can you gain? You might gain 33.7Percent on every single introduced purchase. That's in excess of $5 for any 5 pack of FREEZINda™ available (MSRP $14.95)! We pay out commissions by using Paypal for the final time of each and every month. FREEZINda™ even offers a level 2 reference program. If you reference other people to sign-up being a FREEZINda™ affiliate marketer, you'll generate 5Percent commission on each of the product sales they create too. Click on "Request Some others" for the left behind aspect to start recommending your mates to FREEZINda™'s affiliate marketing program as well!

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Have any questions? Email us at: affiliate@freezinda.com

Thank you and good luck!

Thank you and good luck



  • We shell out profits by using Paypal for the final.
  • Begin earning a 33.7Percent payment for every selling. That's more than $5 per referenced selling (5 prepare of FREEZINda™.
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